At Webshinobis , we do not only care about the profit we make per sale or order . There is a lot more than that. We therefore once in a while engage in giving back to our society through our ridiculous offers . We understand that it is a modern age and many if not all businesses should be able to have some sort of online presence . Of course by online presence we do not only mean having a Facebook page, more to that, we mean having a website, a personal domain name and even professional email address. All these are very important for a company which is really trying to build a brand as it makes it easy for people all over the word to know you and know a little bit more about your activities. Also, it is not only a duty for companies to own a website, this also goes to people willing to start some blogging career  . It should be noted that some people go in for free blogs/websites building platforms , it is possible , affordable but i would not recommend that method to any body in case you can’t afford a blog. A blog with your personal domain name and some personal controls over every aspect gives you a quick access to search engine ranking and makes your readers to kind of give you more trust. It is terrible but true.

Let us take a look at the what it takes to own a website or a blog . Under normal circumstances , you will need to hire the services of a developer but also buy a domain name and some hosting spaces . In the US, it could cost between $1000 to about $5000 and even more to get a simple website ready from a developer . This is however cheaper in African(eg Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, kenya etc) and Asian countries as it will take anywhere around $400 to about $2000 to get the same website ready. This is the main reason why people in the US prefer to outsource their jobs of web development to developers in these countries. Apart from the development cost, there is about $14 for domain name purchase and about $10 as monthly hosting fee for your website.

Of course these fees are sometimes high for small or medium size companies and we at Webshinobis totally understand that. We have come up with with a promotion which is going to be around for ONE MONTH and which will help everyone to have an online presence . The promotion goes thus

For a package where we will offer

  • A domain name,
  • Hosting
  • Web development

we will not make you pay a huge amount but all it will cost you will be $70 ,yes you heard it very well. We understand that every business has to be online and for this reason, we are putting this offer for all of you. Click on the live chat at the bottom right of the screen and discuss with our team on how to get this exclusive package. You can also shoot us an email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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